Penguin Graphic Display Systems provide elegant, durable, and affordable ways to display banners and signage. Penguin Graphic Display Systems are the solution for your presentation - use it as a versatile exhibition solution, as your showroom decoration, to make an event more successful, for your P-O-S presentation, or any other presentation or promotional activity you decide to do!
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2018 Indox Services

Graphic Display
standard penguin brochure rack
47.3" tall, 20.9" wide, 13.4" deep
space penguin brochure rack
47.3" tall, 21.7" wide, 21.7" deep
Penguin Brochure Racks and
Literature Stands

Penguin offers a variety of ways to display your catalogues, brochures, or other literature in an elegant, lightweight, and durable system.  The Standard Penguin Brochure Rack and the Space Penguin Brochure rack stand head and shoulders above other  literature stands.  The Standard and Space Penguin Brochure Racks set up in a few minutes, are lightweight and easy to transport, and are durable, backed by a lifetime warranty (see price list for warranty details).

By adding a brochure shelf to a Cable Penguin, you can create a classy looking display in your booth, store, or any other setting.  The Cable Penguin with brochure shelf is available as a free standing unit, as part of a wall (the Penguin Connection), or as a wall mounted literature rack and display.
standard cable penguin with brochure rack
wall mounted cable penguin with brochure rack
space penguin with brochure shelf
wall mounted penguin with brochure shelf
cable penguin with brochure shelf