Penguin Graphic Display Systems provide elegant, durable, and affordable ways to display banners and signage. Penguin Graphic Display Systems are the solution for your presentation - use it as a versatile exhibition solution, as your showroom decoration, to make an event more successful, for your P-O-S presentation, or any other presentation or promotional activity you decide to do!
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2018 Indox Services

Graphic Display
The Penguin Connection
Walls and Backdrops

The Penguin Connection allows two or more Penguin graphic display systems to be joined together to create walls or backdrops of any length.  The Penguin Connection utilizes magnetic ball joints to connect the top and bottom support rods and high quality magnetic tape to join the seams.  The result is a virtually invisible connection between multiple graphic panels allowing displays of any length in a lightweight, easy to use, and durable form.

Almost any type of Penguin (Classic, Cable, Space, Suspension) can be joined using our unique system.  Graphic panels are easily switched or updated, and the individual units that make up the wall can  be pulled apart to be displayed separately.